• 项目类型:商业空间+复合空间+摄影工作室
  • 项目面积:500m²
  • 完成时间:2020年4月

原建筑为一个层高9m的钢结构,彩色压型瓦作为表皮的建筑体,一层为6m*16m的长方形空间,二层为16m*25m的方形空间,如何在这个7字形空间里呈现MOON的专属形象成为此案的一个重要课题。空间构思从镜头、快门、相机皮腔出发作为三大基本样式,以此展开延伸,将6m*16m的体块部分作3层划分,依次为:MOON DRINK; 摄影学院;摄影工作室。MOON DRINK区域以大面积的铝板与玻璃作为主要材质以获得极具现代感的空间质感,形成整个品牌的第一视觉体验。阶梯作为连接三层空间的主要路径,我们设计了一个镜头状的圆形窗,使这个纵向路径有了横向的视线,同时镜头的形式给窗户的功能带来窥视感,形成趣味性的第二空间体验。MOON摄影工作室部分,去除了多余的造型,留下一个纯白的干净空间,给人以放松感,在接待区部分增加白色格栅以过滤光线,阳光透过格栅游走于纯白的墙面,使三维的空间有了一份时间的感知,给原本的物质空间增加了一份诗意。

The original building is a 9-storey steel structure, with colored compression tile as the building body of the skin. The first floor is 6m*16m rectangular space, while the second floor is 16m*25m square space. How to present the exclusive image of MOON in this 7-shaped space has become an important subject of this case. The space design starts from the lens, shutter and camera skin cavity as three basic styles to expand and extend. The 6m*16m volume is divided into three layers, which in turn are: MOON DRINK; School of Photography; Photography studio. The MOON DRINK area USES large area of aluminum plate and glass as the main material to obtain a very modern spatial texture, forming the first visual experience of the whole brand. As the main path connecting the three floors, we designed a circular window in the shape of a lens, so that the longitudinal path has a horizontal line of sight. At the same time, the form of the lens brings a sense of peek to the function of the window, forming an interesting second space experience. MOON photo studio, in addition to the redundant modelling, leaving a clean white space, give a person with relaxed feeling, increase in the reception area part white grille to filter the light, the sun through a grating in pure white metope, make the three-dimensional space has a copy of the perception of time, to the original material adds a poetic space.