Dear So Cute,塑造零售商店与咖啡馆的混合体

Dear So Cute,塑造零售商店与咖啡馆的混合体

Dear So Cute

  • 项目类型:集合空间设计
  • 项目面积:320m²
  • 完成时间:2018年11月

我们受Dear So Cute邀请在一个街头角落塑造一个零售商店与咖啡馆的混合体。为了激发来客表演或观赏的欲望,空间被分成高低两区,购物活动被置于舞台上,咖啡区则是观众座席。干净明亮材质的运用让空间形成一个中性的背景,把来客的注意力集中在展示品和正在上演的生活剧目上。空间的细节延伸也受到了剧院的启发,展示吊架,试衣镜和菜单板都可以通过类似后台道具的滑轮杠杆系统调节高度。一系列多元化的座位设计被用来吸引不同的咖啡厅顾客:既有沿着玻璃立面随意放置的休闲桌椅,也有可开启窗户下方的吧座,还有公共大桌子,甚至是唤起顾客在游泳池中记忆的下沉式空间。透明玻璃外立面使得街外途人能畅通无阻的一览内部活动,吸引他们进内参与各个“场景”。 通过把沉浸式剧院的体验融入Dear So Cute店铺,我们展示了商业活动空间如何能把人们聚集并为更好的公共街景作出贡献。

We were invited by Dear So Cute to create a mix of a retail store and a cafe in a corner of the street. In order to stimulate the desire of visitors to perform or watch, the space is divided into high and low areas, shopping activities are placed on the stage, and the coffee area is the audience seat. The use of clean and bright materials allows the space to form a neutral background, focusing visitors' attention on the exhibits and the ongoing drama of life. The details of the space are also inspired by the theatre, where display hangers, fitting mirrors and menu boards can be adjusted by a pulley lever system similar to backstage props. A diverse array of seating is designed to appeal to different cafe patrons: from casual tables and chairs along the glass facade, to bar seats beneath open Windows, to large communal tables and even a sunken space that evokes memories of the pool. The transparent glass facade gives street-goers an unobstructed view of the inner workings, inviting them to take part in the "scenes". By incorporating an immersive theatre experience into the store at Dear So Cute, we show how commercial Spaces can bring people together and contribute to a better public streetscape.